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The POWER of Protein

My name is Anna McClellan and I am a trainer and Nutrition Coach at TITLE Boxing Club Cool Springs! .The most common goal my clients have is wanting to gain or maintain lean muscle mass while losing body fat. The number one step to achieving this goal is prioritizing protein in your diet. More often than not, clients are not intaking enough protein. So, how much protein do you need? Keep reading!

Protein is the blanket term for amino acids, which the body requires for a wide variety of functions. Protein is the most essential macronutrient (macronutrients are protein, carbs and fat) especially for those who lead an active lifestyle, because of the crucial role it plays in muscular growth and muscular repair. You’ve most likely heard protein and amino acids referred to as the “building blocks of the body.” When you train, you are breaking down your muscles and you need to consume proper protein to rebuild them. This is why protein is considered the superior macronutrient, when it comes to body composition.

It is paramount that you consume enough protein. Inadequate protein consumption will result in muscle loss, no matter how hard you work your butt off at the gym. In addition to muscle loss, you will hold onto the one thing you want to lose: body fat. This protein-deficient, muscle-wasting state is called “catabolic state.” This is precisely why protein needs to be prioritized when it comes to body composition and weight loss.

Now, we can answer the golden question, “How much protein do I need?” Age, goals, fitness levels and body weight, all differ from person to person, so there is no set number that can be given across the board. However, the ideal rule of thumb for an average active person is intaking around .9-1.0g per lb of body weight.. (i.e 140lb person intakes between 126-140g of protein per day.) The more active you are, the closer to body weight in grams you’ll want to be. As one loses weight, you can decrease your protein intake along the way every 5- 7lbs you lose.

Aim to incorporate protein in every meal and every snack. NourishWise makes this easy! Go to your profile, hit filter and select “High Protein.” The app will automatically highlight dishes with 15g or more of protein. Some of my favorite high protein dishes on the app include: the Warm Quinoa Chicken Salad at Chauhan Ale @ Masala House, the Turkey Burger at Puckett’s and the Lollipop Signature Maki at Wild Ginger. Start prioritizing your protein today and you’ll be one step further in achieving your fitness goals! I’d love to have you in one of my boxing classes! First class is on me, so come check it out! Sign up for your class Here. Can’t wait to meet you!

*TITLE Boxing Club Cool Springs is proud to be a NourishWise Partner

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