Obese Dummies

Don’t be an obese dummy, it could save your life.


Crash test dummies are gaining a lot of weight – not the 90’s band, the actual plastic figures that enhance safety measures for transit over the last 50 years.


Good Morning America ran a segment that startled me. Safety companies are having to dramatically change the look and weight of their dummies to keep their environment consistent with the changes in our real society. Here are several key points:


  • On average, males are 21 lbs heavier while females are 20 lbs heavier than 50 years ago.
  • They have added 100 lbs to some dummies to help account for the full spectrum within our current population.
  • This trend dramatically increases safety risk associated with seat belts due to “submarining” – the effect caused by a greater portion of weight distributed to the lower midsection causing the dummy to slide under the seat belt. This happens in cars, planes, trains and buses.


We are in an unprecedented age of technology and convenience. Unfortunately, awareness and a broad understanding of nutrition through a balanced diet still elude us. Why haven’t we caught up yet? We eat three times a day if not more. We would hope taking optimum care of oneself would be top of mind.


Nutrition and diets are complex though. The speed of life these days coupled with the complexity within nutrition make it difficult to keep our care front of mind. We get it, we’re just like you. For our part at NourishWise, we’re passionately working to simplify nutrition and remove the guesswork. A recent study from the USDA found our household spending on out-of-home dining is nearly 50% of all food costs – a 100% increase from a few decades ago.


If you’re spending – and consuming – 50% of your food while out we simplify the process to find balanced items. Our registered dietitian team has analyzed hundreds of dishes at your favorite local (non-chain) restaurants to help you enjoy balanced dishes.


We know if we leverage data and make it easy for you to “know and go” while around town you will enjoy making better, healthier decisions. Stop guessing, we’ve analyzed it. You can sign up for our free weekly email on our site or find hundreds of dishes throughout Nashville in our iPhone app.

You deserve to be the best version of you, keep your nutrition and diet top of mind. We can help.

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