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Susan Welch, RDN, LDN
Susan Welch, RDN, LDNRegistered and Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist
Susan Welch is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist who also holds a BBA in Management from Belmont University. She was privileged to serve as the Clinical Nutrition Manager and Senior Dietitian at Vanderbilt’s post-acute care hospital for 7 years. She worked with patients and clients from a variety of backgrounds during a critical time in their lives when collaborating and advocating became second nature to her. She managed Enteral Nutrition Support for the physicians and assisted patients in the transition process back to eating after lengthy illnesses. She enjoys championing for others with a full circle approach, so no stone is left unturned. Susan is excited to be launching a cutting edge private practice in Personalized Nutrition ( where she will be offering “lifestyle blueprints” using science driven tools and wellness assessments. The foundation of her “one body at a time” approach is Nutrigenomics testing, which looks at the relationship between genes and nutrients and how this affects metabolism, cardiometabolic health, weight management and composition, food intolerances, eating habits, exercise and fitness behaviors. Susan enjoys spending time with her children and friends, playing tennis, running outside, living out her faith, watching and following sports, especially SEC football and the Predators, as well as, practicing mindfulness in her daily life.
Nan Allison, MS, RD, LDN
Nan Allison, MS, RD, LDNNutrition Analyst
Nan Allison, MS, RD, LDN, is co-author of “Full and Fulfilled: the Science of Eating to Your Soul’s Satisfaction,” and owner since 1987 of Allison Nutrition Consulting. Her ongoing interest is in why individuals and cultures choose to eat the way they do and how to facilitate change at the individual, corporate and community levels. When serving as government relations director for the Tennessee Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, she was involved in legislation and the development of nutrition standards for vending machines in schools. She has done nutrition analysis and menu consultations for many local restaurants and food manufacturers. Nan joined Nourishwise because she believes that it carries nutrition and food information to people in a way that will ensure healthy relationships with food and eating: people are best nourished, not by dieting, and just looking at the numbers, but by eating healthy sand satisfying meals. Nourishwise guides people there with an overriding philosophy that facilitates truly satisfying/ change. Nan collects textiles, and studied interior and fashion design with the intent of importing fabrics from India, her childhood home. Whenever she travels she seeks out early morning farmer’s markets for photo essays.
Lara Murphy, MS, RD, LD
Lara Murphy, MS, RD, LDNutrition Analyst
Lara is a graduate of the University of Dayton (BS Nutrition and Fitness) and Loyola University Chicago (MS Dietetics and Dietetic Internship). Her interest in nutrition started as an Irish dancer aiming to improve her performance. This interest quickly turned into a passion as she realized the power food has on the way we feel, inside and out. As a dietitian, she enjoys helping others make simple and sustainable lifestyle modifications to help them reach their goals and improve their overall quality of life. NourishWise provides consumers with the resources to make those simple lifestyle modifications that have a great impact on our health.

Lara is currently a health coach for Kurbo Health, a virtual health platform helping children, teens, and parents learn how to make healthier food choices, increase their physical activity, and achieve their health and wellness goals. She recently moved to Nashville from her hometown of Chagrin Falls, Ohio. Lara loves exploring the Nashville food scene, cooking, reading, being active, and spending time with family and friends.

Tim Olszewski, MS, RD, LDN
Tim Olszewski, MS, RD, LDNNutrition Analyst
Tim Olszewski, MS, RD, LDN, is a proud graduate of the University of Dayton (BS) and Lipscomb University (MS). During his dietetic internship, Tim earned his Master’s degree in Nutrition Science, as well as performing recipe analysis for Pick Tennessee Products. He has also worked extensively with the Tennessee Obesity Task Force and Monroe Carell Jr.’s Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt, designing wellness programs and helping build sustainable community gardens in Nashville area schools. Tim believes that focusing on providing options for consumers and flexibility for restaurants empowers both parties to contribute to a healthier dining experience. He says, “Food brings people together and should be a stress-free, enjoyable experience. Let’s eliminate the guess work and make dining easier for everyone.”

He and his wife reside in East Nashville and in his free time, he enjoys cooking, weight training, and going to the dog park with his lab-shepherd mix, Kermit. Tim also creates individualized diet plans for general weight loss, athletic performance, and injury prevention; learn more at

Sam Kinnamon
Sam KinnamonCTO
I graduated from Belmont University as a Pathway Scholar with a degree in Computer Science and a minor in Entrepreneurship. Since graduating I have worked at HPA, building automation tools for enterprise software applications. My interest in nutrition came when I was in college and gained the freshmen 15. I didn’t like the way I felt, after gaining weight, and was unsure how to solve the problem. Since then I have been passionate about eating the right kinds of food and exercise. I think building a tool that makes living a healthy life easier and more accessible is absolutely amazing.
Jason Denenberg
Jason DenenbergFounder and CEO
I love pizza (I once ate 3 pizzas in one sitting in Barcelona) (no, it wasn’t a dare) and some most days I would probably sell my first born child for a big bowl of ice cream (good thing I don’t have children, yet). However, I also love being healthy and having a balance in most everything in my life, most importantly: my health. Since entering the professional world, I have always been in a space that requires me to eat out often. The most frustrating thing, is this: I am constantly guessing what might be “healthy” at my favorite restaurants. I’ll get the salmon salad, or the chicken wrap and just cross my fingers in hopes I’m not just totally negating my early morning workout. But we really don’t know what we are consuming, do we? For all we know, that salmon could have been cooked in a stick of butter and we could have eaten the burger and fries for the same amount of calories. Would that be the worst day ever? Yes. So in comes my biggest passion, NourishWise. On the weeks that I want to be a healthnut and am determined to look like Ryan Gosling, I’ll use NourishWise every single time I eat out. For the days that I just NEED some hot chicken and fries? I’ll probably avoid NourishWise like the plague. That’s the magic. Unlike Tiger Woods, NourishWise will always be faithful to you, even if you are an unappreciative cheater some days. Use it to your heart’s desire. Whatever floats your boat, or finds your lost remote!

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