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I love pizza (I once ate 3 pizzas in one sitting in Barcelona) (no, it wasn’t a dare) and some most days I would probably sell my first born child for a big bowl of ice cream (good thing I don’t have children, yet). However, I also love being healthy and having a balance in most everything in my life, most importantly: my health. Since entering the professional world, I have always been in a space that requires me to eat out often. The most frustrating thing, is this: I am constantly guessing what might be “healthy” at my favorite restaurants. I’ll get the salmon salad, or the chicken wrap and just cross my fingers in hopes I’m not just totally negating my early morning workout. But we really don’t know what we are consuming, do we? For all we know, that salmon could have been cooked in a stick of butter and we could have eaten the burger and fries for the same amount of calories. Would that be the worst day ever? Yes. So in comes my biggest passion, NourishWise. On the weeks that I want to be a healthnut and am determined to look like Ryan Gosling, I’ll use NourishWise every single time I eat out. For the days that I just NEED some hot chicken and fries? I’ll probably avoid NourishWise like the plague. That’s the magic. Unlike Tiger Woods, NourishWise will always be faithful to you, even if you are an unappreciative cheater some days. Use it to your heart’s desire. Whatever floats your boat, or finds your lost remote!

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