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Hot chicken! A burger capital. And enough sodium in your green beans to make your grandmother proud. Healthy food in Nashville? Yes, and we have the data to prove it.


Today dining out is more of a way of life vs the luxury it was during my childhood. Americans dine out 5+ times per week and obtain nearly 50% of their calories from out-of-home dining compared to just 13% a few decades ago.


How do you know what’s truly healthy while navigating the incredible restaurant scene throughout Nashville? NourishWise is here to help as we’ve done the work for you – no more guessing. Our team of registered dietitians have analyzed over 750 dishes across Nashville’s favorite local, non-chain restaurants to bring you better balance.


Now you can simply use our mobile app for healthy dishes across 175 restaurant locations in Middle TN. Our app shows the macronutrients (protein, carbs, total fat and calories) on every dish. Some examples below:




So what is healthy then? Well, we’re not here to offer a new definition. However, our dietitian team has worked hard to find balance. We focus on a range for each macronutrient as our guidelines for promoting a certain dish.


Upon completing our analysis of each meal, we look for the following guidelines:

● Protein: 20g +/-

● Carbohydrates: 60g +/-

● Total Fat: 25g +/-

● Calories: < 800


You will always find protein listed first with NourishWise. The reason being it’s just more positively oriented and we like to focus on the good stuff. Furthermore, there is much, much more to your overall health and wellbeing than purely measuring calories. Thus, we list those last.


As you might imagine, not every dish fits neatly into our guidelines. To help you further navigate the fun we’ve incorporated “RD Tips” – suggestions throughout our app to tailor a specific meal for better balance. Or at least to be aware of items pushing the limits.


Take the Avo Toast above. The dish typically contains nearly twice the suggested total fat content. Our “RD Tip” for that dish within the app reads: “45g of fat are coming from heart healthy avocados.” From there you can better navigate the remainder of your meal choices to aim for lower fat during the day. Again, balance is our target for you.


So when you’re struggling to decide how to enjoy dining healthfully in Nashville, let us help you! We’ve made browsing hundreds of dishes, tracking macros and eating healthy – yes, in Nashville – really simple. Enjoy!


Jason Denenberg,



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