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Monday Mindfulness: How to Find Your Center in Just 1 Minute [Infographic] | MyFitnessPal

Nearly all of us experience some form of stress throughout the course of our busy week. And we could all benefit from experiencing a greater sense of peace and wellbeing to balance that stress. Sometimes, a simple mindfulness practice is all we need to help press the reset button. You can do this one-minute mini-practice [...]

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Healthy Cuppa Joe – is your am coffee healthy?

One of the things I loved most about spending the night with my grandparents as a little girl was waking up and drinking “coffee milk.”  This consisted of mostly milk, a splash of coffee, and enough sugar that there was a good inch of sweet, syrupy goodness settled down at the bottom of that mug.  [...]

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How to move past your March Blues & crush your goals to be healthy!

My name is Brooke Rosolino and I live in the great, ever evolving city of Nashville.  I am a wife, mom and wellness coach…and am launching a leadership development company in March! I have a gloriously full plate; one that requires healthy habits and routines that I rely on to keep me energized and organized.   [...]

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