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Wearables​ may​ look​ adorable,​ but​ are​ they​ producing​ usable​ and​ beneficial​ health​ data? – Modern Healthcare

The industry is working to make sense of the data patients are collecting using wearables. Source: Wearables​ may​ look​ adorable,​ but​ are​ they​ producing​ usable​ and​ beneficial​ health​ data? - Modern Healthcare

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Seriously, What’s In That Food?

“I know that’s not good for me but I’m going to order it anyway.” This is a common refrain I hear as World War Health rages in my head while deciding what to order. But what if that dish wasn’t bad for me on a nutritional basis? A factual basis? Perceptions are a funny thing. [...]

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The POWER of Protein

The POWER of Protein My name is Anna McClellan and I am a trainer and Nutrition Coach at TITLE Boxing Club Cool Springs! .The most common goal my clients have is wanting to gain or maintain lean muscle mass while losing body fat. The number one step to achieving this goal is prioritizing protein in [...]

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Four Simple Ways to Balance Your Meals & Boost Your Energy to Avoid the Afternoon Slump

Every day after lunch you can feel it… You’re trying desperately to will it away, but, inevitably the clock strikes 3 pm. It’s here. The afternoon slump. As usual, you are exhausted by this point in the afternoon. You’re so tired, just the thought of typing on the computer keyboard seems like a daunting task, [...]

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Healthiest salads in Nashville!

On a mission to find the healthiest salads in Nashville? Look no further! While there are plenty of great, nutritious salads in town, I asked my friends at NourishWise to help me find a few select salads that meet the American Heart Association’s criteria for a heart-healthy recipe. The American Heart Association has [...]

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6 Sugar Alternatives to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth | MyFitnessPal

Craving sweet flavors is an evolutionary behavior that, prior to modern times, kept humans away from harmful plants and toxins. Our sweet cravings haven’t evolved much, so it’s natural to like sweet flavors because our bodies need natural sugars to complete certain biological processes. What isn’t natural is the way highly processed sugars such as [...]

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