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What Is NourishWise

We simplify healthy eating at restaurants.

  • Your favorite local restaurant’s menus broken down by  protein, carbs, total fat and calories. Making the healthier choice easy.
  • Each meal is analyzed by our team of dietitians, so the information you’re getting is extremely accurate and will give you the best chance at succeeding.
  • The typical meal while eating out is over 1205 calories. All of our approved dishes are under 800 calories, allowing you to eat guilt free.
  • All of our dishes are accessible through our mobile app, so no matter where you go the healthiest option is at your finger tips.
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More in depth look.

You deserve to enjoy delicious pasta or a burger at your favorite restaurant guilt-free. NourishWise makes this magical scenario come to life at local, non-chain restaurants throughout Nashville.

The NourishWise registered dietitian team reviews each restaurant menu and carefully selects dishes for nutrition analysis. Every dish on our platform is either analyzed by their recipes, which are submitted by the restaurants, or physically analyzed to provide accurate nutrition information for you. This way, you don’t have to play the guessing game while staring at the menu trying to determine what’s healthy.

Our aim is to identify well-balanced dishes to remove the possibility of accidentally eating 1200+ calories in one sitting. We target protein, total fat, carbs and calories within our free weekly email and throughout the hundreds of dishes within our mobile app.

Our research allows you to simply scan our mobile app for the best dishes and restaurants near you – while at home, the office or on the run. Dine-in or get it delivered straight to your doorstep.

By leveraging our data at your favorite local restaurants, you can simplify your decisions. Stop guessing, we’ve analyzed it. Enjoy!