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About NourishWise

We enhance corporate wellness initiatives by simplifying healthy eating for busy employees.

  • Enhance your wellness efforts beyond HRA’s and walking challenges; 80% of an individual’s wellness profile stems from nutrition.

  • Leverage our app for increased employee engagement.

  • Automatically sync with Apple HealthKit and Google Fit for seamless tracking

  • Drive better recruitment and retention.

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Meals Close By

Your favorite local restaurant’s menus broken down by  protein, carbs, total fat and calories. Making the healthier choice easy.

Accurate Data

Each meal is analyzed by our team of dietitians, so the information you’re getting is extremely accurate and will give you the best chance at succeeding.

Healthy Meals

The typical meal while eating out is over 1205 calories. All of our approved dishes are under 800 calories, allowing you to eat guilt free.


All of our dishes are accessible through our mobile app, so no matter where you go the healthiest option is at your finger tips.

More in Depth look.

NourishWise generates exclusive nutrition data from 100,000’s of restaurants throughout the U.S. This enables us to build a unique nutrition app for proactive, healthful food choices.

Americans obtain 35%-50% of their calories from out of home dining. Unfortunately, the average dish at a restaurant is 1,205 calories. The average dish on NourishWise is only 640 calories. We help people and companies stay healthy by exchanging 1,200+ calorie meal for 600 calorie meals.