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Eat smarter.

Eating healthy at restaurants. Simplified.


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What is NourishWise?

NourishWise is a wellness tool that makes eating healthier easier for your employees. We analyze all of your employee’s favorite dishes at restaurants and inform them on the healthiest options available.  Eating healthy doesn’t have to be difficult, let us help.  

Why Use NourishWise?

Reduce Healthcare cost

Our mobile app displays the protein, carbs, total fat and calories of every dish on our platform. This allows your employee’s to know exactly what your eating. NourishWise will increase employee performance and reduce healthcare cost.

Track Your Success

With one press your employees can log any meal on our app straight to Apple HealthKit. Tracking meals is proven to increase the rate you lose weight.

Highest Accuracy

Each dish on our platform has been analyzed by our team of dietitians. This means the breakdown of every meal is extremely accurate and you can trust the information being given to you . 

Healthy on the Go

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  • Protein, carbs, calories and fat breakdown of thousands of meals.
  • Get the healthiest meals delivered.
  • Monitor your employee’s success by tracking their logged meals
  • Available for iPhone and Android.
Review the App!

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