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NourishWise simplifies healthy eating for your busy employees, while enhancing your wellness program.

80% of an individual wellness profile stems from nutrition. Focus on what matters and drive results.


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Why NourishWise?

Exclusive Nutrition Data

Nutrition data from non-chain restaurant’s analyzed by our army of registered dietitians plus nutrition from chain restaurant’s too. Do you have a cafeteria or on-site food offerings? We include that data for comprehensive nutrition.

Track Their Success

With one tap, your employees can log any meal on our app straight to Apple Healthkit or Google Fit. This, along with hundreds of usage metrics, makes reporting back to you simple and clear.

Unique for You

Each corporate partner receives a unique and exclusive version of our app specified for their employees, no matter where they’re located across the US. You will love our simple employee on-boarding and appreciate our communications support.

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Healthy on the Go

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  • Protein, carbs, calories and fat breakdown of thousands of meals.
  • Get the healthiest meals delivered.
  • Monitor your employee’s success by tracking their logged meals
  • Available for iPhone and Android.
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